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But is there any disease in a government that it is worth while to physic with such a mortal drug?—[i.e.

On entre et on crie, / Et voilà la vie! / On crie et on sort, / Et voilà la mort!—We come and cry, and that is life; we cry and go, and that is death. Whilst Commodus was immersed in blood and luxury, he devolved the detail of the public business on Perennis, a servile and ambitious minister, who had obtained his post by the murder of his predecessor, but who possessed a considerable share of vigor and ability. The genius, the success, and the aspiring temper of Constantine, may seem to mark him out as the aggressor; but the perfidious character of Licinius justifies the most unfavorable suspicions, and by the faint light which history reflects on this transaction, we may discover a conspiracy fomented by his arts against the authority of his colleague. We in Moscow are elated by enthusiasm for our adored Emperor. His fame as a jurist had become international and, rudely repelled by his native Holland, he became the center of European interest.

[163] Xen. “Est mihi disparibus septem compacta cicutis
Fistula.”—Virg. At an elevation of 500 or 600 ft. I myself, who am so hospitable, was in very great distress for a retreat for my family; a distracted family, frightful both to its friends and itself, and filling every place with horror where it attempted to settle, having to shift its abode so soon as any one’s finger began but to ache; all diseases are then concluded to be the plague, and people do not stay to examine whether they are so or no. The first consideration, of course, in railway construction had been the improvement and facilitation of industry and commerce, but it had not been able to meet the immeasurably increased demands of these, since the great network of canals, designed to relieve the railways, was not in existence.

They were such as had been raised from the very lowest ranks of the bar for their servile fitness, and because the more eminent lawyers would not stoop to such ignominy. From the inclemency of the weather, and the fatigue of the journey, he soon contracted a slow illness; and though he made easy marches, and was generally carried in a close litter, his disorder, before he arrived at Nicomedia, about the end of the summer, was become very serious and alarming. He laid about him so unmercifully with his flail, that they were right glad to let him escape. Among the friars who came to see me, there was one order which discovered the good effects of grace more than any other. For those who want to go to Recoaro from the main line between Milan and Venice, Tavernelle is the proper place.

“I cannot think of it. He regarded all these occupations as hindrances to life, and considered that they were all contemptible because their aim was the welfare of himself and his family. When Morel had drunk some vodka and finished his bowl of porridge he suddenly became unnaturally merry and chattered incessantly to the soldiers, who could not understand him. There was only a ship once a week to take us to Tunis, so Richard was anxious to go all weathers, the sailing-time eleven o’clock. These people were of strict whiggamore notions, and were directly in correspondence with John Warriston, the Clerk Register of Parliament, and Gillespie and Guthrie, two ministers of the Kirk, who protested against having anything to do with the son of the beheaded Charles Stuart, who was an enemy to the Kirk, and whose son himself was a thorough Malignant.

There you may listen to my story, and in your turn relate your own.”—”With all my heart,” said Cnemon, “for I myself was going to this town to wait for some friends of mine, whom I had appointed to meet there.” Getting, therefore, into a boat, many of which were lying by the river’s side, to transport passengers, they crossed over into the town, and arrived at the house where the stranger was lodged. Study is like the heaven’s glorious sun, / That will not be deep-searched with saucy looks. Love’s L. That rule and order of the moving of the wing, whence they derived the consequences of future things, must of necessity be guided by some excellent means to so noble an operation: for to attribute this great effect to any natural disposition, without the intelligence, consent, and meditation of him by whom it is produced, is an opinion evidently false. In the Carboniferous Limestone series, which comes next in upward succession, are the valuable gas-coals and ironstones worked in the coal-fields of Dunfermline, Saline, Oakley, Torryburn, Kirkcaldy and Markinch.