Lived at Athens in his “gardens,” an urbane and kindly, if somewhat useless, life.

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1601 They passed their lives in a state of ignorance and poverty, which it has pleased some declaimers to dignify with the appellation of virtuous simplicity.

These doubts with all the circumstances being well weied and considered, the Maior Nicholas Exton, and certeine of the chiefe men in the citie, went foorth to the lords, and offered them to lodge in the citie at their pleasure, with all things necessarie as they should deuise. But, when the two heroes met face to face, both were seized with an impulse of sympathetic admiration for each other. The aged monarch, in his instructions to his son, reveals the secret maxims of policy and pride; and suggests the most decent reasons for refusing these insolent and unreasonable demands. Newmarket was next named, and to that he consented. The troubles excited by the usurper Firmus in the Upper Egypt had never been perfectly appeased, and the cities of Ptolemais and Coptos, fortified by the alliance of the Blemmyes, still maintained an obscure rebellion.

Child, being sheriff of Warwickshire, was chosen and returned for Wells, in the county of Somerset; he was petitioned against, but was declared duly elected. Everything looked favorable to the defeat of the enemy and the capture of Petersburg and Richmond, if the proper effort was made. Now when he and the capteins before named, were come ouer to Calis, they tooke counsell togither into what place they should make their first inuasion; and bicause their commission was to make warre onelie against those that held with pope Clement, the more part were of this mind, that it should be most expedient for them to enter into France, and to make warre against the Frenchmen, whom all men knew to be chiefe mainteiners of the said Clement. What follows, secondly from what we have said, is that every philosophy has been and still is necessary.