Their woven stuffs, however, were not confined to domestic use, but were exported into foreign countries.

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The road along which they moved was bordered on both sides by dead horses; ragged men who had fallen behind from various regiments continually changed about, now joining the moving column, now again lagging behind it.

By-and-by is easily said. Ham., iii. Talboys might always be found, not in any accustomed seat, but moving about the room as the different male mental attractions of our society might chance to move themselves. from Enniskillen (q.v.), with its ruined abbey, round tower and cross. Natásha looked round at her, and then, red and trembling, threw a frightened look of inquiry at Anatole and moved toward the door. “There he is!” said Borís, thinking Rostóv had said “His Highness,” and pointing to the Grand Duke who with his high shoulders and frowning brows stood a hundred paces away from them in his helmet and Horse Guards’ jacket, shouting something to a pale, white uniformed Austrian officer.

On this occasion it was violence and intimidation more than corrupt and illegal practices—though all had been resorted to—which had unjustly influenced the return. The oldest is the Citta Vecchia, which dates before the days of Strabo. In the subsequent discussions, which took place in 1792, and which embraced at the same time all the other points of jealousy which had arisen between the two countries, the Declaration of Pilnitz was referred to, and explained on the part of Austria in a manner precisely conformable to what I have now stated. FESTUS (? Rufus or Rufius), one of the Roman writers of breviaria (epitomes of Roman history). Happy thou art not; / For what thou hast not still thou striv’st to get, / And what thou hast, forgett’st. Meas.

The sequel of the Westminster contest was given by HB as a “Race for the Westminster Stakes between an Old Thoro’bred and a Young Cock-tail—weight for age—the old ‘un winning in a canter” (May 22, 1837). On that bright evening of August 25, Prince Andrew lay leaning on his elbow in a broken-down shed in the village of Knyazkóvo at the further end of his regiment’s encampment. For the fraction of a minute there was dead silence. On the evening before the election the contest reached its apparent climax. It was as though an Englishman edited Burns.

“Call Andrew!” he said suddenly, and a childish, timid expression of doubt showed itself on his face as he spoke. “Nor can we imbue what we do create with the grand associations which environ those piles with so intense an interest. A portion of the ground on which Fort Henry stood was two feet deep in water.